February 2020 is going to be very exciting for all the blockchain enthusiasts and industrialists. There are some very important and popular conferences, events and meetups being organized this month. Following are the extensive details of all the major events which are going to feature top level experts of the Blockchain industry who promise to deliver expertise on the latest development of the 4th Industrial Revolution technologies.

Security Tokens Realised — London Global Summit

STR (Security Tokens Realised) Global Summit is going to be held on 4–5th February, 2020 at De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms, London. This event is all about understanding the impact of Blockchain technology on future securities for debt, equity, funds, structured products and derivatives. The goal of this summit is to make the financial stakeholders like stock exchanges and banks to realize that bringing Fintech and Blockchain together can develop a new ecosystem for the financial market. This ecosystem will have more room for future innovations and will be more reliable than the existing financial system.

Top Blockchain and financial experts like Michael Coletta (Head of Blockchain Technology and Business Development, London Stock Exchange Group), Dr.Ruth Wandhofer (Partner, Gauss Ventures, NED and Adviser), Andrea Bonaceto (Founding Partner & CEO, Eterna Capital), Teana Baker-Taylor (Executive Director, Global Digital Finance) and Ami Ben-David (Co-founder, Ownera) are the honored speakers at this event to shed the light on the prospects of collaborating Blockchain and finance to the next level.

Official site: https://securitytokensrealised.com/

4th International Blockchain Congress 2020

The Auditorium-AON Center Chicago will set the stage for 4th International Blockchain Congress 2020 on 6th February, 2020. This edition of the International Blockchain Congress is a multi-dimensional event encompassing Blockchain, Cloud, Cryptography, Cybersecurity, Dapps, DeFi, Digital Assets, Energy, Fintech, Healthcare, IOT, Mining, Real Estate, Regulation, Supply chain and Tokenization.

For all the Blockchain enthusiasts and industry stakeholders, this congress is a premier event for networking and getting in-depth knowledge about Blockchain economy.

Featured Speakers of this event are Hester M.Peirce (Commissioner, US Securities and Exchange Commission), Liliya Valihun (CEO at HebronSoft), Bill Foster (Congressman), Shogo Ishida (CEO at QRC Group), Robert Konsdorf (CEO at EOS Detroit) and Amando Bonacles (CEO at Htmlcoin).

Advancing Bitcoin Developer Conference 2020

Advancing Bitcoin Developer Conference 2020 is the event featuring experienced Bitcoin developers from top companies like Blockstream and Chaincode Labs. This event is going to be held on 6–7th February, 2020 at CodeNode, London.

Other than the conference itself, there will be different workshops where people can learn about the developing Blockchain ecosystem and they will get guidance from Bitcoin experts and developers. Moreover, there will be a great chance of networking, sharing expertise and ideas and developing new business ties.

Andrew Poelstra (Mathematician and Director of Research at Blockstream), Andrew Chow (Bitcoin Core Contributor, Blockstream), Jimmy Song (Bitcoin Developer), Stepan Snigirev (CTO, CryptoAdvance), Gleb Naumenko (Researcher, Chaincode Labs) and Fabian Jahr (Chaincode Residency Alumni) are among the guest speakers for this event.

Official site: https://www.advancingbitcoin.com/

Blockchain in Oil & Gas Canada 2020

On 11–12th February, 2020 at Calgary Canada, Blockchain in Oil & Gas Canada 2020 event is going to be held. This two day event will showcase the prospects of Blockchain technology across the oil and gas sector of Canada. As Canada is considered to be amongst the fastest acceptors of Blockchain technology globally, the Canadian oil and gas sector showed keen interest in this revolutionary and innovative technology.

Top experts from Blockchain and major stakeholders from the oil and gas sector will attend this conference to convey their expertise and information about the latest advancements in joining these two. These top experts will include Pierre Bourque (CEO ,Blockchain Radio), Alastair Caithness (CEO, Ziyen Energy), James Freeman (Chief Growth Officer, TrustBIX), Dave Gajadhar (Advisor, ResultantGroup) and Dan Giurescu (Founder, TerraHub).

Official site: https://www.blockchain-oilandgas-canada.com/

4th Annual International Crypto World Summit 2020

New York, United States is going to host Crypto World Summit on 20th Feb, 2020 featuring

Dara Albright (Advisor at EisnerAmper), Theodore Waz (CEO at The Opinion Economy, Inc.), Jerry Chai (Lead Blockchain Developer at ArtPro Platform Ltd.), Katya Fisher (Partner at Greenspoon Marder) and Dina Ellis Rochkind (Of Counsel at Paul Hastings) as the top speakers for the summit to introduce the world towards new challenges for Blockchain and their best probable solutions to diversify the nature of this emerging technology.

The agenda of this Summit revolves around the rise of digital money, revolution of tokenization, media entertainment and blockchain, blockchain regulation and security tokens.

CoinGeek Conference 2020

CoinGeek conference is being held in London on 20–21st February 2020 which will provide a unique and world class platform for sharing and spreading knowledge, discussion and networking with Blockchain industry leaders and professionals. This event will be an aura of energy that will promote business relationships to grow the Blockchain ecosystem which will eventually transform the world.

Bitcoin, Blockchain, Fintech, Investment and Blockchain education are the key topics of this conference which will feature Dr. Craig S.Wright (Chief scientist at nChain), Jimmy Nguyen (Founding President of Bitcoin Association Chair), Steve Shadders (Chief Technical Officer at nChain Technical Director) and Daniel Connolly (Lead Developer at Bitcoin SV Node Project) as the guest speakers to engage audience on these topics extensively.

Official site: https://coingeekconference.com/

The Stanford Blockchain Conference 2020

Arrillaga Alumni Center, Stanford University will be the host for Stanford Blockchain Conference 2020 on 19–21 February 2020. This event will explore the risk management and security perspective of Blockchain systems. This conference will provide the opportunity to blockchain experts and aspirants to collaborate for improvements in cryptography, implementation of decentralized protocols, and enhancing the security and mitigating risk in Blockchain. Distributed systems, secure computing, crypto-economics, engineering and economic risk analysis are among the other aspects to be brought under discussion during the conference.

This conference chairs a very prestigious program committee which includes Shashank Agarwal (Visa Research), Oleg Andreev (Interstellar), Bryan Bishop (Bitcoin contributor), Sean Bowe (Electronic Coin Company), Christian Cachin (University Bern), Jan Camenish (Dfinity) and Stefan Dziembowski (University of Warsaw) as most prominent experts.

Official site: https://cbr.stanford.edu/sbc20/

UNLOCK Blockchain 2020 Forum

Unlock Blockchain 2020 Forum is the premier event of Blockchain technology in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The event is going to be held for two days i.e. 25–26th February, 2020. UNLOCK Blockchain forum will not only encompass discussions, presentations and meetups but it will also organize a competition for Blockchain startups. This competition will provide the opportunity for top 3 startups to earn $15000-$5000 as their winning prize.

UNLOCK will also reveal top success stories of MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region and the rise of crypto exchanges in this region. Till now, there are over 800 registered attendees, 115 speakers, 15 major sponsors, 70 blockchain startups and 30 investors from 50 different countries.

Cointelegraph, Al-Iktissad Wal-Aamal, CryptoNewsZ, crypto reporter, the Cryptonomist, Cryptimi, Coinsflare, BNC, Cryptopolitan, iBlock.TV, AMBCRYPTO, Belt and Road News Network, ICOHolder, CoinRevolution and Coin Pedia are among the proud media partners for the event.

Official site: https://www.unlock-bc.com/events/unlock/2020

Blockchain in Healthcare Symposium

Blockchain in Healthcare Symposium is another Blockchain event that will be hosted in the United Arab Emirates in the month of February i.e. 29th of the month. Abu Dhabi will provide the platform to the international Blockchain community for healthcare as it is an industry with a massive potential to revolutionize the world with the help of Blockchain. Many healthcare companies are already working on blockchain-based medical systems, especially medical records and pharmaceutical supply systems.

Healthcare Symposium will give the latest exposure to the world to understand how Blockchain technology is developing with respect to the medical industry and medical institution. The growing acceptance and worldwide increase in adoption of Blockchain technology has provided many new application opportunities, including healthcare applications. In this event, top Blockchain experts and scientists in collaboration with medical experts will show the potential of this fast-growing field and foresight the future credibility of both Blockchain and the medical industry going hand in hand.

Official site: https://www.blockchaininhealthcare.co/

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