Mark your calendars for January with upcoming Blockchain seminars and conferences.

The rapidly growing Blockchain Technology is now making its mark world-wide. For the last couple of years, there are continuous campaigns for Blockchain awareness all over the world. 2020 seems to be a more significant year for Blockchain adoption and awareness as blockchain has seen a boom in its adoption until the end of 2019. As the latest trends and development in this innovative and revolutionary technology needs to be addressed to the IT professionals, industrialists, investors, governments and the general public; 2020 is going to be a host to sensitize Blockchain on a larger scale.

Starting with the month of January, there are some very important conferences and events being held this month. Following are some major events which will have some of the top players in Blockchain industry, delivering their expertise on the latest trends and developments.

~ America

The North American Bitcoin Conference

Some of the key stakeholders of industry like, Bitcoincenter Miami, Hyperchain Capital, Startup Token and Megalodon are the featured partners of the event. Stefan Rust (CEO,; Dawn Newton (COO, Netki); Colleen Sullivan (Partner & CEO, CMT Digital); Alex Tapscott (Co-Author of Blockchain Revolution) and Hartej Sawhney (Co-founder & President, Hosho) are the prominent speakers of the event.

Schedule is as follows:

Dates: 15–17 Jan, 2020.

Venue: James L. Knight Center, Southeast 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL, USA.


Washington Elite AI Blockchain Summit

Sponsored by the likes of GTC, ICOHolder, GlobalBoost, WashingtonElite and Substranum; This event will have the presence of Charles Hoskinson (Chief Executive Officer & Founder, IOHK); Nick Spanos (Bitcoin Pioneer & Founder, Bitcoin Center); President Vit Jedlicka (President of Liberland); Khalfan Al Mazrouei (Former Royal Under Secretary, UAE) and Aaron Tilton (CEO, Blue Castle Holdings) as the top speakers.

This event is divided into two venues as following:

Dates: 14–15 Jan, 2020.

Venue: 1- Bitcoin Center Miami 8th Floor (Conference).

2- Versace Manison (Awards & Charity Gala).


2020 Block Talk Summit

US and China will bring the top notch experts of Blockchain industry to this event for speeches, panel discussions and meetups. These experts include Alisa Wang (CEO, New Power Chain); Samuel E.Proctor (Co-Founder and CEO of Genesis Block); David Weild (Former Vice Chairman of Nasdaq); Paul Johnson (Adjunct Professor at Columbia Business School) and Xavier Tournier (SVP of Marubeni Power International).

DeFiner, Koinera, Altonomy, Genesis Block, Yahoo Finance and Thomson Reuters are among the proud partners of this event.

Schedule for the 2020 Block Talk Summit is as follows:

Dates: 18 Jan, 2020.

Venue: Fordham University Lincoln Center, 140 W 62nd St MCNALLY AMPHITHEATRE, New York, NY 10023, United States.


~ Europe

Crypto Finance Conference

The top speakers for this conference include Ignazio Cassis (Federal Councillor, Federal Department of Foreign Affairs); Cameron Winklevoss (President, Gemini); Hester Peirce (Commissioner, US SEC); Tyler Winklevoss (CEO Gemini) and Young Sohn (Corporate President & CSO, Samsung Electronics).

Crypto Finance Conference sponsors include PWC, BCG, Brickmark, Bitcoin Suisse and XBTO.

Schedule for the event is:

Dates: 15–17 Jan, 2020.

Venue: Suvretta House, Via Chasellas, Saint Moritz, Switzerland.


European Blockchain Convention

Top tech experts such as Mariya Gabriel (EU Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society); Michael Kumhof (Senior Research Advisor, Bank of England); Jose Minguez (Head of Innovation Market Iberia, Endesa); Maria Concepcion de Monteverde (Blockchain Director Banco, Santander) and Sunny Lu (Co-founder & CEO, VeChain) will provide world-class content at this Convention.

Convention is scheduled as following:

Dates: 20–21 Jan, 2020.

Venue: Barcelona, Spain.


Geneva Blockchain Congress

Many big names are the sponsors and partners for Geneva Blockchain Congress likes IBM, Taurus, ICO Holder, Bilan and Wisekey. The featured speakers for this gathering are Tina Balzli (Partner, PWC); Louis De Bruin (Blockchain Thought Leader, IBM); Daniel Doll Steinberg (Founder, Tribeca Limited); Emmanuelle Ganne (Blockchain Senior Analyst, WTO) and Jacques Iffland (Chairman, CMTA).

Mark the calendar for this Congress as per following:

Dates: 20 Jan, 2020.

Venue: Palexpo, Route François-Peyrot, Grand-Saconnex, Switzerland.


~ Asia

The Genesis Block Conference 2020

Top speakers for this event are Nischal Shetty (Co-Founder & CEO, WazirX); Michael Nye (Co-Founder, Titan Ventures Host, Evolvement Podcast); Sandeep Nailwal (Co-Founder & COO, Matic Network); Hartej Sawhney (Co-Founder-Hosho, Co-Founder-Gado); Nitin Sharma (VC & Co-founder, Incrypt) and many more.

Timings and venue for this conference is as under:

Dates: 9–10 Jan, 2020.

Venue: CoWrks-Purva Premiere, Residency Rd, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025, India.


Fintech & Blockchain Conference

Some of the top fintech experts and IT experts will participate in this conference to convey their knowledge to the aspirants. These experts include Mukesh M Hegde (Vice President-Digital Strategy, iNurture Education Solutions); A.Damodaran (Professor Indian Institute of Management Bangalore); Sanil Kumar D (Chief Architect, Huawei Technologies India) and Divya Gupta Lamba (Project Manager-Business Transformation, Societe Generale Global Solution Centre).

Topmarket Group, Pursuit Mentors and ProData Solutions are the partners of this conference.

Dates: 20 Jan, 2020.

Venue: Doubletree suites by Hilton Hotel Bangalore.


Unlock Blockchain 2020 Forum

Top crypto and blockchain news agencies like CryptoNewsZ, Crypto reporter and The Cryptonomist are the official media partners for this event. Al-Iktissad Wal-Amal and aInnovations are among the local partners.

Following is the schedule for the Unlock Blockchain 2020 Forum:

Dates: 28–29 Jan, 2020.

Venue: Dubai, UAE.


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