Pakistan Blockchain Olympiad (PAK-BCOL) Opening Ceremony

Pakistan Blockchain Olympiad (PAK-BCOL) opening ceremony was organized by RNS Solutions on 07 December 2019, at RNS Solutions office Islamabad.

PAK BCOL received 12 team nominations comprising of 60 team members from top universities of Pakistan including students from Islamabad/Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi.

The ceremony was moderated by Mr. Khawaja Sarmad (Assistant Business Development Manager, RNS Solutions) while the opening note was presented by Ms. Tahira Fatima ( Marketing Manager, RNS Solutions/Secretary General, PAK-BCOL) which was focused around how PAK BCOL will uplift students with the help of RNS Solutions towards learning and practicing the evolutionary technologies like blockchain, cyber-security and artificial intelligence. Mr. Shakil Muhammad (Chairman, RNS Solutions) was invited at the event through a Skype session to deliver his approach towards blockchain and to answer what? where? and when? of technology for the participants.

PAK BCOL received participants from Pakistan and Ethiopia. Teams from Pakistan were representing top universities including NUST, COMSATS, FAST, IIUI and ARID etc. All the participating teams introduced themselves at the event and expressed their point of views regarding how important tech evolution is for Pakistan and other developing countries.

RNS Solutions team prepared blockchain based projects and guidelines for individual teams on how to code and how to execute projects. PAK BCOL is a marathon of few months of coding and endless learning where successful developers will be given the opportunity to join International Blockchain Olympiad (IBCOL) at HongKong, Prizes, Job/Internship at RNS Solutions and recommendations to local/global Companies for hiring of Pakistani talent.

All the teams were very enthusiastic about learning new approaches to technological development and were very keen to develop projects based specially on Blockchain. At the end of the event, Mr. Shehroze Rao (CMO, RNS Solutions/President, PAK-BCOL) gave an inspiring closing indicating the talent in Pakistan and how RNS Solutions, with such initiatives, can help youth to grow towards a stronger, smarter and a brighter future for Pakistan.

Our special thanks goes to Mr. Shakil for always motivating us to do better and better and to Mr. Shehroze, Ms. Tahira, Ms. Kainat, Mr. Sarmad and Ms. Rabia for their tireless efforts in making this event a success for PAK BCOL and RNS Solutions.

More power to Team RNS Solution, more power to Pakistan!

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